Havana La Habana – Little things on the street

There are little things on the street in Havana that draw your attention every day.

Cuban boyfriend –

Maybe because I was traveling alone, I had people try to stop me and ask where I came from at least 10 times a day. Cubans see tourists everyday. They still seem very interested in tourists.

One guy on the street was quite funny. When I was walking by him, he first said I was pretty, then he asked if I would like a Cuban boyfriend. When I almost passed by him, he shouted “Free! Free Cuban boyfriend!” Was he thinking about charging me at first? 😂

Cuban Apple –

Cuba is a closed economy. It reminded me of China even before I was born. But then, when you see Apple logo in Cuban flag, that makes you smile. No matter how closed a country is, people are always curious and having dreams.


M&M –

I was expecting to see a lot Americans in Cuba but I didn’t. There are some. They said it’s now or never. That’s why they were visiting Cuba. Strange not a lot people thinking the same way.

I wasn’t expecting to see a lot American brands in Cuba and I didn’t. However, I was surprised the only one I saw was M&M. Chocolate! Sweets make people happy and sure they should have no boundaries. 😊


Cuban flag –

I was in Canada this year during its National Day (its 150 birthday!) And I was in US on July 4th. Then I was in Cuba on 7/26, Cuba’s National Day. What a coincidence! I wasn’t planning a National Day trip series…

Anyways, when I was in Canada, I didn’t see people hang Maple flags for the National Day. Americans are crazy about their flag. They use their red, white, and blue wherever they can. And so are Cuban. Cuban flags were everywhere during their National Day week.



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